Thankful for A Hearing Loss?

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Thanksgiving, the season of gratitude and thanks, is upon us. Can we give thanks for a hearing loss?


Many with “less than perfect” physical capabilities dwell on the disadvantages – those with hearing loss are no different – yet there are often hidden advantages to the challenges we face on a daily basis.

While recognizing the disadvantages of physical challenges (i.e., disabilities) far outweigh the advantages of hearing loss; consider these few “advantages” worth feeling gratitude toward.

• Arguments: If a family member or friend is nagging, or just being unreasonable, turn off your aids and turn around. Discussion over and sweet silence ensues!

• Avoiding Undesirable Requests: The other term for this is “selective hearing”; it can be practiced by anyone! Therefore, when wanting to refrain from doing something you’d rather not do, you are able to pretend you didn’t hear the request.

While this might be construed as “cheating” – stating, “I didn’t hear you, my hearing aid batteries must be bad.”; or, “Oh, I must have misunderstood what you said.” are always, and mostly accurate responses. These responses are a great lead into the game of Charade, by the way. Have fun!

• Noisy critters — like a squawking bird or barking dog: Cranky kids are not the only noisy critters around. With hearing loss, you have the luxury of turning off all unwanted noise from all sorts of critters.

• Noise Pollution: It is truly a blessing to be able to turn off the whatever hearing aids you may use in order to soften the deafening roar of rush hour traffic, a leaf blower, or jackhammer.

• Concentration: The ability to turn off background noise and distractions affords the wonderful ability to focus on the task at hand.

• Front Row Seats: Most event coordinators make provisions for those with imperfect hearing by having reserved seating close to the front of an event. A wonderful opportunity to be up close and personal with the performers.

Additional Benefits?

Can you think of additional benefits to having less than perfect hearing? If so, please share! It is healing for us all to recognize the brighter, and often humorous, side of being hard-of-hearing.

We at Hearing Loss CPR wish for you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving. Make sure to add the “benefits” of less than perfect hearing to your list of things for which you are grateful. Me, I’ve been doing it for many years.


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