Presentations about Hearing Loss

Linnaea Mallette Speaks about Hearing loss

Presentations about Hearing Loss


Hearing impaired since birth, Linnaea speaks about hearing loss to a variety of groups and organizations. She received a standing ovation for her TEDx talk on the topic.

The presentations are useful for:

-Disability awareness events

-Hearing audiences to understand how to interact with someone who has imperfect hearing

-Senior groups, so they can understand how to adjust and manage their later-in-life hearing loss

-Entrepreneurs, non-profits, and businesses who wish to create satisfied and loyal customers (and employees!) who have imperfect hearing

-Caretakers, so they can better understand and serve the needs of clients and their families

-School presentations to young audiences to help them cherish and protect the hearing they now have

-Parents who wish to protect the hearing of their children

-General audiences curious about the many aspects of hearing loss

-Hearing Loss Association gatherings

Contact Linnaea to tailor her speaking topics to meet the needs of YOUR audience. Here are her general speech topics:

Hearing Loss CPR – Keep the Connection Alive


This is a lighthearted, honest look at the pros and cons of having diminished hearing, and how to communicate as, or with, a person that does not have perfect hearing. This is not about individuals born deaf and must rely on sign language to communicate. This focuses on the 16 million Americans who live in the mainstream of life with diminished hearing.

Participants will learn:

  1. The three biggest myths that severely impact, if not prevent, successful communication with a person with imperfect hearing
  2. The dynamics of hearing we all utilize, but that the hearing impaired especially rely upon
  3. The “CPR” for preventing a conversation from dying when communication with a person with a hearing loss


Do You Have a Hearing Loss?

An insightful talk about the signs of hearing loss and what to do about it

Participants will learn:

  1. Signs of hearing loss
  2. Two types of hearing loss and the associated characteristics
  3. Getting one’s hearing tested
  4. What hearing loss sounds like
  5. Hearing aids – types and adjusting to them
  6. Cochlear Implants – how they are not like hearing aids


Dangerous Decibels

This is an insightful talk about how the ears work and how noise damages them. How loud and for how long does noise hurt our hearing?

Participants will learn:

  1. The decibel level of our everyday life
  2. What decibel levels can cause hearing loss
  3. Phone apps to measure decibel levels
  4. What hearing loss SOUNDS like quite sobering)
  5. How to protect our ears and the ears of infants/children


Despairs and Delights of Not Hearing Alright

A humorous yet educational talk about the disadvantages and advantages of being hard of hearing. Participants will learn:

  1. The advantages of hearing loss and how to maximize on them
  2. The disadvantages of hearing loss and how to work with them
  3. Awkward and disastrous moments – providing insight into the social challenges and dangers of living with a hearing loss.


You were a big hit at the San Fernando Valley Chapter meeting last Wednesday. Many people thought you gave the best presentation of the year. And the sales of your book, Read My Lips Tips for Success showed hat you bonded with the audience. Thank you for presenting such a well-received program. – Sincerely, the SFV Hearing Loss Assn.



Contact Linnaea to tailor her speaking topics to meet the needs of YOUR audience.

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