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When our eyesight starts to diminish, we rush down to the store and get some of those little ‘cheaters’ or magnifying glasses; yet, when it comes to hearing loss, people wait an average five to ten years before seeking help. Why wait? Could it be one is not aware of a loss?

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Get reconnected with a hearing aid

Barbara, a friend of mine, discovered her hearing loss while on Jury Duty:

It was then I first realized I was going deaf. I could hear the lawyer, and I could hear the witness. But, I couldn’t hear the judge! It was a drunken driving case, and fortunately, I was an alternate. Everything was going fine until the judge turned to us and said: ‘Now I want you to…&#%!@?!…; and then &#%!@?! *….’ I looked at the other jurors, and they were nodding like they knew what she was saying. I didn’t have a clue…

I knew I was born with a profound hearing loss; yet, for whatever reason, I refused to recognize the severity until my mid-forties. A patient therapist helped recognize the root of my challenge was due, in large part, to my denial of the subsequent impact my deafness caused. My experience revealed how easy it is to deny a hearing loss in spite of the evidence.

Do you have a hearing loss?

The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) offers guidance to determine loss of hearing. If experiencing three or more of these signs, it is time to get those ears checked.

Difficulty hearing over the telephone

Trouble following the conversation when two or more people are talking at the same time

People complaining that the TV volume is up too high

Straining to understand conversations

Trouble hearing in a noisy background

Asking people to repeat themselves

Everyone seems to mumble (or not speak clearly)

Misunderstanding what others are saying and respond inappropriately

Trouble understanding the speech of women and children

All these are signs of disconnection.   While hearing aids are not perfect, they do help to reconnect with one’s world.  New hearing aid wearers are often surprised at how much they have been missing. 

Hearing aids

This Facebook post, written by a woman in her 50’s who finally acquired a pair of hearing aids demonstrates both how deep a loss of connection runs; as well as the joy of being able to reconnect:

I CAN HEAR!!! It is completely life-changing and emotional! For those of you who thought I was ignoring you or just blonde… I promise you our relationship will go to new levels.

Her relationships will go to new levels because she now understands what others are saying to her. She’s once again connected and able to be an active participant in conversations. More importantly, she is overjoyed at being fully reconnected to those around her. 

At Hearing Loss CPR, we wish to help you to reconnect. In order to help reconnect, there are three actions you must take for yourself; or, for someone you know who is experiencing a loss of hearing.

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