Beware of the Dangerous Decibels

dangerous decibels football

Can New Years football damage your hearing? Possibly. Beware of the dangerous decibels! Hear the World Foundation, a hearing loss awareness initiative by manufacturer Sonova, used a digital sound level meter to determine noise level in the fan zone within the Vila Magdalena neighborhood of São Paulo, Brazil, the host…

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Ears Cooking for the Holidays?

ears cooking for the holidays

 For me, and millions of others, the holiday season means a LOT of time in the kitchen preparing delectable food, treats, and sweets for family and guests. A few years ago I was sequestered in the kitchen baking a triple batch of banana bread which was turning out to be a bit…

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Thankful for A Hearing Loss?

Happy Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving, the season of gratitude and thanks, is upon us. Can we give thanks for a hearing loss?   Many with “less than perfect” physical capabilities dwell on the disadvantages – those with hearing loss are no different – yet there are often hidden advantages to the challenges we face…

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Get Reconnected

hearing aid

When our eyesight starts to diminish, we rush down to the store and get some of those little ‘cheaters’ or magnifying glasses; yet, when it comes to hearing loss, people wait an average five to ten years before seeking help. Why wait? Could it be one is not aware of a loss?…

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Voice Tonality… IT MATTERS!

voice tonality when communicating with hard of hearing

When I was younger, and had dogs, I always got a kick out of saying awful things to them in a sweet voice while watching them respond positively. The dogs were not responding to my words; rather, to the tone of my voice. This taught me the tone of our…

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