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Hearing Loss CPR Book

Hearing Loss CPR, Keep the Connection Alive by Amazon Best Selling Author, Linnaea Mallette   Do you know a person with a hearing loss? If you are close to them, you should read this book. Why? You should understand how…

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hearing aid

Get Reconnected

When our eyesight starts to diminish, we rush down to the store and get some of those little ‘cheaters’ or magnifying glasses; yet, when it comes to hearing loss, people wait an average five to ten years before seeking help. Why…

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dot licking my ear

Your Pet and Your Hearing Aid

We love our pets. As such, we want to protect them from harm as we would protect any family member. Remember, too, pets are very much like small children throughout their lives and love to play with “toys” of all…

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voice tonality when communicating with hard of hearing

Voice Tonality… IT MATTERS!

When I was younger, and had dogs, I always got a kick out of saying awful things to them in a sweet voice while watching them respond positively. [caption id="attachment_3857" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Voice Tonality conveys much more than words[/caption] The…

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Hearing Loss CPR book

Why a Hard-of-Hearing Cat is My Mascot

With the recent promotions of my revised and expanded hearing loss book, many ask, “What’s up with the cat wearing hearing aids?" A hard-of-hearing cat wearing hearing aids is the mascot for my books about hearing loss for two reasons.  First…

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