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Hearing Loss CPR

First Aid for Hearing Loss

The biggest challenge in my life was not the inability to hear well. It was the unwillingness to recognize the severity of the loss and, therefore, not seek the type of information that is in this book.
This is by far the best information for a generation of Boomers who have no clue about hearing loss. My guy suffers from extreme hearing loss due to Chicken Pox as an adult. This book is helping him and also myself in understanding, accepting and living with hearing loss. The resources available in this book are outstanding. Jean White

Pictures help us Hear

Pictures help us Hear

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially for those of us who are hard-of-hearing A 90-minute keynote I didn't want to be rude, but a relatively well-known person was delivering a 90-minute keynote with no visuals other than himself. I left after 45 minutes....

Hearing Aids and Water Don’t Mix

Hearing Aids and Water Don’t Mix

In the beginning, it may not seem possible, but there will come a day when your hearing aids will feel comfortable. So comfortable, in fact,  you may forget to take them off when you hop in the shower, bath, pool or hot tub.  It has happened to me. More than once.  ...

Beware of the Dangerous Decibels

Beware of the Dangerous Decibels

Can New Years football damage your hearing? Possibly. Beware of the dangerous decibels! Hear the World Foundation, a hearing loss awareness initiative by manufacturer Sonova, used a digital sound level meter to determine noise level in the fan zone within the Vila...

7 Tips from Hearing Loss CPR – Keep the Connection Alive

Seven Tips CPR bookThis is a short book with seven chapters copied from the large edition. This smaller book focuses primarily on communicating with or as a person who is hard of hearing.

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